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Who we are

The Ark Collective is a collaborative team of passionate and skilled tradespeople using their combined knowledge and talent to generate the best possible ideas and solutions for each client.

Our methodical and deliberate process allows us to construct homes that convey warmth and elegance coupled with enduring appeal."
- Brent Zagata

What makes us different

We want a real relationship with you; this isn’t just another job or partnership, and we want to honor that. Our clients know we aren’t married to some “signature style,” building homes to define us rather than our client. Instead, we make your ideas and desires the signature of your home. We’re able to ensure the quality and detail necessary to create a home truly reflective of you through our commitment to these core principles:


Our experts’ shared dedication inspires them to consult and advise one another, drawing from their specific areas of knowledge and exceptional skill. Through collaboration, we create singular homes, unmatched in detail, design, and distinction.

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Consistent attentiveness enables us to gauge and assess a project through every phase, providing the opportunity to make any necessary modifications.


We motivate one another to work harder and better to create the incredibly unique estate homes our clients seek.


Our Portfolio


Working with The Ark Collective is just that. An opportunity to work alongside the most experienced and elite experts in the building industry. We want to share our process of collaboration with you, listening to your ideas and needs, and offering a consultation with advice specifically tailored to you. Together, we can create and construct a home complete with inventive details and ambitious design that’s sure to leave an impression on your guests long after they’ve gone.

If you’re ready to see the home you’ve envisioned become a reality, then you’re ready to build a relationship with us.