About the Ark Collective

Conceptualized by Brent Zagata, The Ark Collective reflects Brent’s deep appreciation for a true relationship built on the foundation of trust and mutual respect that breeds a special bond of shared confidence and peace of mind. The Ark Collective knows this connection is critical to our ability to successfully tailor each client’s future home to their individual needs and desires. Our mutual trust and respect convince us we can rely on each other, confident of our shared dedication to excellence and detail. The Ark Collective offers this relationship of trust to every client and strives to protect its integrity.

The Ark Collective grew out of Brent’s desire to retain and preserve the trade skill and knowledge of the building industry. Named with a nod to the Biblical structure built to preserve a remnant of creation, The Ark Collective endeavors to foster an environment that provides passionate and highly skilled tradespeople the opportunity to consult and advise each other. By pooling their collective talents and expertise, they provide unmatched, dynamic results. This collaborative effort to provide the best possible ideas and solutions for each client’s specific needs is what defines The Ark Collective.

Brent is blessed with the ability to lead and create a cohesive unit out of people coming from varied backgrounds and methodologies. His high expectations for himself, bordering on perfectionism, push him to work harder and better. His pursuit of excellence sets the tone for each project he takes on and encourages those working with him to join him in achieving it.

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